Tyler & Luke in Atlanta

It’s hard to find two cuties quite like Luke and Tyler. Both have the sweet, boy-next-door charm with just the right amount of edge. Tyler’s scruffy... [read more]

Scott & Luke in Fort Lauderdale

Luke Hudson and Scott DeMarco - the sight of these two hot jocks together is one hell of a heavenly vision. As they kiss their hands explore each other's... [read more]

Jonah & Stevie Chapter 4

Jonah is no rush when it comes to enjoying his time with Stevie. The ginger-bearded trans man is brimming with passion and sensuality that makes Jonah... [read more]

Connor Atlas & Cade Maddox in Orange County

Meet our sexy new trans boy Connor Atlas. Connor is a twin and has been identifying as male since high school. Check out his interview in our MEET section... [read more]

Landon & Ari in Atlanta Chapter 2

Who can blame Ari for bringing Landon into his bed? The handsome, lean, furry-chested jock is as handsome as a movie star with the sinful lustfulness of... [read more]

Aiden & Luke in Baton Rouge

Luke arrives in Baton Rouge and meets tall dark and hairy Aiden who is instantly enamoured with Luke. They embrace on the couch - kissing and feeling up... [read more]

Tom & Luke in Atlanta

When Luke and Tom are kissing up on each other, it’s almost hard to tell each other apart! Both are stunning handsome men with sandy-blonde hair, scruffy... [read more]

Brayden & Luke in Norfolk

It's not only Luke Hudson's good looks that has sexy men lining up to co-star with porn's hottest commodity. It's Luke's intense passion and fucking prowess... [read more]

Jonah & Stevie Chapter 3

There are very few men in this world as sensual and passionate as Jonah Wheeler. And the only thing that pumps harder than his cock is his heart. So it... [read more]

JockPussy Christmas

Christmas is one of Luke's favorite times of the year so to celebrate he's prepared a special scene for everyone. He's found a fire to lie in front of... [read more]

Koda Gold & Ari Koyote Chapter 2

Koda is every bit the classic jock. Toned, strong body, masculine good looks, and a flat brimmed cap atop his head. His heavy cock hangs in his boxer briefs... [read more]

Axel & Luke in Jacksonville

Axel Evans has delicious chocolatey skin. He also has a talented tongue which Luke discovers when the two lock lips and start to kiss. Luke perches above... [read more]