Luke, Brogan, and Spencer in Tulsa

Brogan Reed is dark and rugged, stubbly, hung like a horse with a smooth, chiseled, oiled chest and a nipple piercing. He sits like a king while he has... [read more]

Andy & Luke in Phoenix

Two young guys kissing on a bed - feeling each other up with their hands down each other pant's - Luke feels Andy's cock grow and Andy feels Luke's pussy.... [read more]

Xander James & Brogan Reed in Chicago

Oh boy! Meet our newest boy Xander James. He's a good friend of Luke's and was curious to try porn. He's got stunning dark, mysterious looks with a mix... [read more]

Tommy Tanner & Jay James in Montreal Chapter 4

Tommy Tanner is a sexy young man with a killer smile and a body literally covered in tattoos. He emerges from the shower with a towel around his waist... [read more]

Ari Koyote & Ryan Powers in Atlanta Chapter 3

Ari grinds his crotch on Ryan’s hand as his pussy is fingered and manipulated by the tall hipster. He holds on to him tightly, not wanted to break apart... [read more]

Jonathan, Zack, Brogan & Luke Part 2

Luke Hudson has had enough of watching and Zack Grayson's invitation to join him on the bed is met with enthusiasm. The two naked men embrace and wrap... [read more]

Phoenix & Luke in Salt Lake City

Phoenix Tanner is a total romantic. He loves getting close with his partners, kissing them, feeling their bodies, and making them feel amazing. With his... [read more]

Ari & Seamus in Atlanta

Between the two of them Ari and Seamus have some amazing tattoos. The two of them writhing in the bed is like a constantly moving graphic novel of lust... [read more]

Gabriel & Tommy in Montreal Chapter 5

Sexy, hung, French-Canadian Gabriel Clark wakes up next to a sleeping Tommy Tanner. Gabriel doesn't want to wake him, but the smooth, tanned skin of Tommy’s... [read more]

Luke Solo in Nashville

We can't get enough of sexy boy Luke Hudson. So this update is 100% pure Luke. Well maybe with a co-star of a dildo. Watch closely as Luke lays back and... [read more]

Riley & Ari in Atlanta Chapter 5

Riley is a hairy otter with a long, solid cock that’s pointing right at Ari’s pussy as they make out by the bed, chest against chest. Riley backs Ari... [read more]

Be My JockPussy Valentine!

Luke Hudson brings you a special Valentine's Day gift - a glorious creampie scene with the super sexy Jake Archer in conjunctin with ... [read more]

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