Riley & Ari in Atlanta Chapter 4

Riley and Ari are no stranger to one another’s hot, furry bodies. These two have fucked many, many times and can’t get enough of each other. Check... [read more]

JJ & Luke in San Antonio

JJ’s lean, athletic body is a delight for Luke to explore. As the two, sexy jocks kiss and connect, the horny trans stud can’t resist running his hands... [read more]

Gabriel & Tommy in Montreal Chapter 2

Tommy can’t get enough of Gabriel’s playful sexuality. As the handsome man inches up to him in bed, Tommy is completely smitten with his angelic smile... [read more]

Sherman & Ari in Atlanta Chapter 2

Ari loves the feel of Sherman’s big cock as it fills the back of his throat. The horny trans boy loves seeing Sherman stand over him, dominating his... [read more]

Holden & Luke in Atlanta

Holden is a sweet, college student with a smooth body and a stunning, boy-next-door smile. He’s exactly the type that makes Luke hot and wild. But not... [read more]

Riley & Ari in Atlanta Chapter 3

Ari joins Riley back at his place for a little post-tennis cooldown. The two have worked up quite a sweat and are ready for even more! With their tank... [read more]

Ryan & Ari in Atlanta Chapter 1

Ari and Ryan can’t take their hands off of each other as they get acquainted by playfully kissing. With their chemistry off the charts, they’re immediately... [read more]

Gabriel & Tommy in Montreal

Tommy Tanner is the perfect man! A handsome, model-like face with sexy scruff, toned body with hot tattoos, and two holes made for fucking! And Gabriel... [read more]

Tristan & Ari in Atlanta Chapter 2

Ari throws himself up against Tristan’s beautiful, meaty body as they kiss. Their hands run over each other wildly and passionately, stirred up by their... [read more]

Sherman & Ari in Atlanta Chapter 1

Ari welcomes Sherman to his room for a little fun, hoping to learn more about him. Sherman recounts his first time with a trans guy and how hot and special... [read more]

Johnny & Luke in Oklahoma City

Luke’s lean, fit body fits up against Johnny’s perfectly. The sporty trans man is all over his partner’s firm muscles and scruffy face, bringing... [read more]

Riley & Ari in Atlanta Chapter 2

Ari and Riley can’t keep their hands off each other! As soon as they’re back in Riley’s room, they tear off each other’s clothes and get right... [read more]

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