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Gabriel & Tommy in Montreal

Tommy Tanner is the perfect man! A handsome, model-like face with sexy scruff, toned body with hot tattoos, and two holes made for fucking! And Gabriel... [read more]

Gabriel & Tommy in Montreal Chapter 2

Tommy can’t get enough of Gabriel’s playful sexuality. As the handsome man inches up to him in bed, Tommy is completely smitten with his angelic smile... [read more]

Jay & Tommy in Montreal

Jay can’t believe how sexy Tommy is. He’s got a perfect smile, great eyes, and a beautiful, tatted body. He radiates sensuality and sex appeal. And... [read more]

Gabriel & Tommy in Montreal Chapter 3

Gabriel and Tommy can barely keep their hands off each other long enough to move from the bedroom to the bathroom. But before the water even gets warm... [read more]

Jay & Tommy in Montreal Chapter 2

Tommy spreads his legs apart to give Jay the green light. Tommy can see Jay’s cock rock hard and throbbing to be inside. Jay need only look down at Tommy’s... [read more]

Gabriel Clark and Tommy Tanner in Montreal Chapter 4

Gabriel Clark and Tommy Tanner are lying on a hotel bed together, in T-shirts and jeans, and they’re so smitten with one another they can’t help making... [read more]

Jay James & Tommy Tanner Chapter 3

Tommy Tanner catches Jay James jerking his long, uncut cock on the couch, but he doesn’t want Jay to stop. He wants to suck that long, curved rod, and... [read more]

Gabriel & Tommy in Montreal Chapter 5

Sexy, hung, French-Canadian Gabriel Clark wakes up next to a sleeping Tommy Tanner. Gabriel doesn't want to wake him, but the smooth, tanned skin of Tommy’s... [read more]

Tommy Tanner & Jay James in Montreal Chapter 4

Tommy Tanner is a sexy young man with a killer smile and a body literally covered in tattoos. He emerges from the shower with a towel around his waist... [read more]

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