Jonah & Stevie Chapter 4

Jonah is no rush when it comes to enjoying his time with Stevie. The ginger-bearded trans man is brimming with passion and sensuality that makes Jonah... careful to savor the moment. This is not a fast, disposable fuck. This is all about intimacy and trust. A connection and a bond. Their goal isn’t just to cum, but to come together. As their tongues dance around one another, they carefully begin to peel off each other’s clothing. The smooth, soft flesh of each man invites the other to touch, feeling the heat of their chemistry rise up from the inside out. Jonah’s mustache tickles Stevie’s making them smile playfully as they delicately explore. Jonah gets hungrier for more of his partner, kissing down his neck and licking his pink nipples. The freckled flesh of Stevie gets goosebumps as he feels himself becoming more enticed with the dark haired man. Stevie drops his pants and underwear, exposing his throbbing hard dick between his wet pussy lips. Jonah’s mouth drops in awe, amazed by the beautiful sight. As Stevie leans back on the bed, spreading his legs apart, Jonah is drawn into his trans lover’s body with an undeniable attraction. His mouth gently presses against Stevie’s loins, kissing and tasting the aroused member, making Stevie’s toes curl in ecstatic delight. Stevie throws his head back, his breathing becoming intense and erratic, disrupted by the amazing sensation of Jonah’s tongue on his hole. He feels wave after wave of pleasure crash over him, making him weak to do anything but roll his eyes back and smile. As Jonah leans in to kiss his ginger partner, his hard erection rubs up against Stevie’s hole, making him desperate to feel it deep inside. But before he takes Jonah’s bare cock deep in his guts, he wants to feel it fill his mouth and throat... [Read more]

Connor Atlas & Cade Maddox in Orange County

Meet our sexy new trans boy Connor Atlas. Connor is a twin and has been identifying as male since high school. Check out his interview in our MEET sec...tion to hear more about Connor and his experiences and peak into his life. In his debut scene Connor shows us a what a sexy fucker he is. Cade Maddox bounces him up and down on the end of his cock. It's a sensational pairing that is going to have you wanting more of Connor. [Read more]

Landon & Ari in Atlanta Chapter 2

Who can blame Ari for bringing Landon into his bed? The handsome, lean, furry-chested jock is as handsome as a movie star with the sinful lustfulness ...of a teenager. Landon wraps his lips around Ari’s practically devouring him from the top down as they press their naked bodies against one another. Landon has his eyes set on the adorable trans man, eager to get closer and press himself inside. Ari moves his hands over Landon’s chest, teasing his nipples and swirling his finger around his chest hair until he gets too hard to stay contained. Pulling his member out of his jockstrap, Landon gives Ari another hairy toy to play with. Ari puts Landon on his back, spreading his legs wide to swallow up his shaft and taste his tool. Landon can hardly believe how good it feels to have Ari polish his knob, thrusting his hips up every so often to feel his own force behind the pleasure he experiences. Ari puts a hand up to feel Landon’s masculine hair and Landon holds it in place. He wants to stay as connected as possible as he edges closer to climax, in love with the way Ari works his body. Landon gets off the bed and kneels in front of Ari, worshiping the boy’s body as he strokes his slicked up meat. Landon laps at Ari’s pussy piercings, ringing his loins like a bell as Ari’s body shakes and vibrates. The throbbing dick between Ari’s legs gets kissed and sucked as the trans man melts, feeling his body prepare itself for the deep dicking he’s about to receive… [Read more]

Aiden & Luke in Baton Rouge

Luke arrives in Baton Rouge and meets tall dark and hairy Aiden who is instantly enamoured with Luke. They embrace on the couch - kissing and feeling ...up each other's bodies. Aiden's hairy chest feels good rubbing against Luke's freshly tattooed torso. Aiden's cock is hard and Luke devours it with an intense greed - savouring every inch in his mouth. Then he lies back on the couch while Aiden lubes up Luke with his tongue making Luke moan in pure delight. Now Aiden's bare cock slides into Luke's hole - at first gently then with ever increasing fervor he fucks Luke until he can stand it no more and blows a huge load all over Luke's chest. [Read more]

Tom & Luke in Atlanta

When Luke and Tom are kissing up on each other, it’s almost hard to tell each other apart! Both are stunning handsome men with sandy-blonde hair, sc...ruffy short beards, fit, compact bodies, and beautiful behinds. They are both adorned in tattoos and piercings and even both kiss with a matching sensuality. It’s not until Tom pulls away from his partner that we see something unique: his raging, hard cock. Stripping off their clothes, Tom’s throbbing member stands on end as he sees his gorgeous FTM’s partner’s body. Luke is dripping in sex appeal and masculinity, making Tom eager to feel up his own swollen dick tucked between his wet pussy lips. Putting Luke on his back, Tom works his way between the stud’s open legs, following the furry path of his loins straight to the sweet spot. Tom’s mouth wraps around Luke’s knob, sucking and slurping on its end and driving the trans man wild. Luke loves being able to sit back and get his dick sucked, all the while writhing around in pleasure in preparation to get fucked by Tom’s massive cock. Tom takes his turn on the bed to feel the joy of a hot mouth on his manhood. Luke is an expert at sword swallowing, able to take Tom’s long cock down to the base, passing by his tongue and tonsils and into his hungry throat. He loves the feeling of a pulsing tool deep inside him, and that’s not limited to just his hole. When the trans man can no longer hold back, he jumps up on top of Tom’s cock, feeling it work its way into his guts. His legs spread wide to take it all, working it up and down and massaging his handsome partner’s shaft. Tom holds onto Luke tightly, loving the feel of his smooth skin and round ass against his body. Just as Luke struggled to hold back riding, Tom does all he can to hold back cumming buckets into Luke’s hole. It’s only a matter of time before he loses the battle, flooding Luke with his warm, dripping creampie… [Read more]


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Celebrating trans men in porn, Jock Pussy scours the country for fresh, amateur FTM performers. We pair new faces and veteran performers alike, tops and bottoms. Just because they have pussies doesn’t mean they can’t top! Add sex toys or a strapon to the mix, and you get beefy, gay bottoms being pegged by trans men. Or watch our jocks get their pussies fingered, sucked, and fucked bareback by some of the hottest tops around. Not that these horny guys need cocks to have fun—Jock Pussy has plenty of FTM duos and threesomes sure to get your dick hard and leaking. Come back weekly for fresh videos, and get to know our jocks and their pussies.

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