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Spencer & Luke in Atlanta Chapter 1

Spencer and Luke love getting their hands all over each other! With their natural, masculine chemistry, they completely lose sight of the camera as they... [read more]

Dawson & Luke Hudson in San Antonio Chapter 1

Luke is in absolute heaven lying in his San Antonio bed. Dawson is a total sweetheart, giving him the softest, most affectionate kisses. While Luke is... [read more]

Jason & Luke BAREBACK in El Paso

Jason and Luke and lying on the bed naked, kissing. Jason's cock grows and Luke swallows it whole to the base. He then lays back and it's Jason's turn... [read more]

Holden Price,Luke Hudson, Patrick

Holden and Luke invite a third party to play with their pussies, and handsome Patrick is more than happy to oblige. Luke starts out working Patrick’s... [read more]

Jonathan, Zack, Brogan & Luke in Denver Part 1

Jonathan, Zack and Brogan are in a hotel room in Denver messing around, getting hard and horny. Zack notices someone at the door - it's Luke! "So you wanna... [read more]

Spencer & Luke in Atlanta Chapter 2

Spencer and Luke are grinding against one another in their briefs before Spencer gets his tongue deep into Luke’s pussy, sucking hard on his clit. Luke... [read more]

Be My JockPussy Valentine!

Luke Hudson brings you a special Valentine's Day gift - a glorious creampie scene with the super sexy Jake Archer in conjunctin with ... [read more]

Luke Solo in Nashville

We can't get enough of sexy boy Luke Hudson. So this update is 100% pure Luke. Well maybe with a co-star of a dildo. Watch closely as Luke lays back and... [read more]

Phoenix & Luke in Salt Lake City

Phoenix Tanner is a total romantic. He loves getting close with his partners, kissing them, feeling their bodies, and making them feel amazing. With his... [read more]

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