Jason & Luke BAREBACK in El Paso

Jason and Luke and lying on the bed naked, kissing. Jason's cock grows and Luke swallows it whole to the base. He then lays back and it's Jason's turn... [read more]

Ari Koyote & Sean Duran Chapter 1

Sean Duran admits he’s only been with one ftm trans man before, but that it was really hot—he likes pussy, but only on a man. Ari Koyote smiles through... [read more]

Gabriel Clark and Tommy Tanner in Montreal Chapter 4

Gabriel Clark and Tommy Tanner are lying on a hotel bed together, in T-shirts and jeans, and they’re so smitten with one another they can’t help making... [read more]

Sherman & Ari in Atlanta Chapter 3

Wearing matching briefs and glasses, Sherman Maus and Ari Koyot are passionately kissing one another, enjoying their mutual attraction. But Sherman subtly... [read more]

Dawson & Luke Hudson in San Antonio Chapter 1

Luke is in absolute heaven lying in his San Antonio bed. Dawson is a total sweetheart, giving him the softest, most affectionate kisses. While Luke is... [read more]

Jay & Tommy in Montreal Chapter 2

Tommy spreads his legs apart to give Jay the green light. Tommy can see Jay’s cock rock hard and throbbing to be inside. Jay need only look down at Tommy’s... [read more]

JJ & Ari in Atlanta Chapter 1

Ari is a total horn-dog when it comes to smooth, young tops. He loves feeling their lean bodies and rock hard cocks poking up through their underwear as... [read more]

Spencer & Luke in Atlanta Chapter 1

Spencer and Luke love getting their hands all over each other! With their natural, masculine chemistry, they completely lose sight of the camera as they... [read more]

Gabriel & Tommy in Montreal Chapter 3

Gabriel and Tommy can barely keep their hands off each other long enough to move from the bedroom to the bathroom. But before the water even gets warm... [read more]

Ryan & Ari in Atlanta Chapter 2

Ari drops to his knees, hungry to swallow Ryan’s massive member. The trans boy’s mouth opens to take him in, feeling it reach toward the back of his... [read more]

Oliver & Luke in Des Moines

Luke is a total catch! The scruffy, bearded stud has a great body, insatiable sex drive, and the face of angel. It’s no wonder why the tall, muscled... [read more]

Jay & Tommy in Montreal

Jay can’t believe how sexy Tommy is. He’s got a perfect smile, great eyes, and a beautiful, tatted body. He radiates sensuality and sex appeal. And... [read more]

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