Ari & Luke in Atlanta

Meet Ari Koyote. This hot trans boy is a brand new JockPussy discovery that is sure to break a lot of hearts. As Ari and the deliciously fuckable Luke... [read more]

Tommy Tanner and Gabriel Clark in Montreal

Tommy Tanner and Gabriel Clark have a connection that is hard to beat. Even after hours of fucking, the two can barely keep their hands off of each other.... [read more]

Damien & Luke in Las Vegas

Damien and Luke had an instant attraction when they met. The two young guys are both horny creatures who love fucking and so couldn't wait to get back... [read more]

Sean and Ari in Atlanta

Ari Koyote is a hot, tall, young FTM. There’s a curious air of innocence about him. If you saw him walking down the street, you’d be forgiven for thinking... [read more]

Jayden & Luke in Las Vegas

They say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas and well that's if it's not as hot as this scene and posted all over the internet! Jayden D and Luke Hudson... [read more]

Luke, Brogan, and Spencer in Tulsa

Brogan Reed is dark and rugged, stubbly, hung like a horse with a smooth, chiseled, oiled chest and a nipple piercing. He sits like a king while he has... [read more]

Andy & Luke in Phoenix

Two young guys kissing on a bed - feeling each other up with their hands down each other pant's - Luke feels Andy's cock grow and Andy feels Luke's pussy.... [read more]

Xander James & Brogan Reed in Chicago

Oh boy! Meet our newest boy Xander James. He's a good friend of Luke's and was curious to try porn. He's got stunning dark, mysterious looks with a mix... [read more]

Tommy Tanner & Jay James in Montreal Chapter 4

Tommy Tanner is a sexy young man with a killer smile and a body literally covered in tattoos. He emerges from the shower with a towel around his waist... [read more]

Ari Koyote & Ryan Powers in Atlanta Chapter 3

Ari grinds his crotch on Ryan’s hand as his pussy is fingered and manipulated by the tall hipster. He holds on to him tightly, not wanted to break apart... [read more]

Jonathan, Zack, Brogan & Luke Part 2

Luke Hudson has had enough of watching and Zack Grayson's invitation to join him on the bed is met with enthusiasm. The two naked men embrace and wrap... [read more]

Phoenix & Luke in Salt Lake City

Phoenix Tanner is a total romantic. He loves getting close with his partners, kissing them, feeling their bodies, and making them feel amazing. With his... [read more]